AdBlock and Adblock Plus (ABP) is a plugin that helps users block unwanted ads, flashing graphics or autoplaying audio and ad walls, covering content. This plugin helps you improve your website experience, so you won’t see ads on websites that have poor ad experiences. It can be found in the top-right corner of your browser’s screen, after you install the plugin.

Note: These instructions are written for Adblock, but may also apply to other adblockers

Why should I whitelist Flachdcd?
Free Albums is powered by adverts. If you would like to help Flachdcd Recordings support the artists and content you love,we recommend whitelisting Flachdcd Recordings.

How does it work?
Whitelisting rules act as “exception rules” or “exclusion rules” for sites you trust, allowing ads on these pages. With ad blocker you have the following options:

  • Pause on this site
  • Pause on all sites
  • Block an ad on this page
  • Don’t run on this page
  • Don’t run on pages on this site

Whitelisting flachdcd on Chrome and Firefox

  1. Open Chrome or Firefox
  2. Go to
  3. Select the AdBlock icon
  4. Select Don’t run on pages on this site
  5. Verify that AdBlock won’t run on any page matching using the slider
  6. Select Exclude
  7. If configured correctly, the red AdBlock icon will turn green

Note: You can also access General to select Customize and Stop blocking ads

Whitelisting flachdcd on Safari

  1. Click the AdBlock icon just to the left of the address bar
  2. You have the option to Pause
  3. From Settings you can can access Filter Lists and Whitelisting
  4. Select Whitelisting
  5. To turn off ad blocking on specific sites, you can add them to your whitelist using the address bar
  6. Enter
  7. You will see a green check mark when is successfully whitelisted
  8. To remove a website, click on the trash icon

You also have the option to upgrade to allow ads on a page or site. You can find more help and submit tickets to AdBlock here

Important notes
Adfly is a legitimate file-shortening app that monetizes the shortened links. However, due to its involvement with online ads and due to some of its distribution techniques, Adfly is oftentimes referred to as a virus or adware, so protecting your device from viruses and malware is your personal responsibility, and we are not responsible for any damages that may be caused to your device.
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