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Question: How can I get the password to download albums?
Answer: You must buy premium membership by click here.

Question: What’s premium membership features?

  • One year subscription.
  • Unlimited downloads Albums, Videos, CD Covers, Wallpapers.
  • Instant access to direct download links.
  • Free upgrade to all new features.
  • Access to all hidden sections.
  • Live chat support (Allows you to use instant messaging to contact our support team).
  • No Ads, listening online.

Question: How can I activate my account?
Answer: After registration we will review your order information then send to you VIP Access Card on the email address Immediately.

Question: I haven’t received VIP Access Card.
Answer: Follow this step:

  • Allow up to 1 hour to get it.
  • Still nothing? contact us.

Question: How many account can I have?
Answer: Only 1 account.

Question: Can I share my account with anyone?
Answer: No.

Question: What’s payment methods available?
Answer: PayPal.

Question: What do you mean by Transaction ID?
Answer: If you’ve purchased an premium membership via PayPal, our payment processor has generated a unique Transaction ID to identify your transaction. It’s a 17-character string made up of both letters and numbers. We may request the PayPal transaction ID to look up your purchase, or to verify your account ownership.

Question: I want to subscribe but I do not have PayPal account, what is the solution?

  1. First option you can create a free PayPal account by click here.
  2. Second option contact us and Ask About “Payment methods“.

Question: Can I purchase any album?
Answer: Yes you can by click here.

Question: Can I test the sound quality?
Answer: Yes you can by click here.

Question: What’s sound quality of free listening?
Answer: Average Bit Rate (ABR) 80 kbit/s ~ 320 kbit/s

Question: What’s the difference between quality?
Answer: Find answer here.

Question: Can I see CD Cover?
Answer: Yes you can see samples 4K UHD | HD

Question: How to download free albums?
You can download the free albums by using our official program FR Downloader.

Question: What’s the terms of use?
Answer: You can read the terms & conditions by click here.