Welcome back, Happy to see you again.

Here you can find some questions support you how to use.

Question: What are the official working hours for support team?
Answer: Saturday – Thursday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm UTC, Friday Official holiday.
Question: How do I find my serial number?
Answer: You can find your serial number in the VIP Card (Ex. F-0001/20).
Question: I am sure i have typed correct password, still i cant login and download, why?
Answer: Are you sure you have type the password in capital letters? (Ex. VIP-XXXXXX).
Question: How to download albums?
Answer: You have to enter the website (Master Password) and click on the download link.
Question: I can’t find decryption key on the download page or wrong password?
Answer: You can request password by click here.
Question: Some download links are not working or expired?
Answer: You can report broken links by click here.
Question: Can you please upload this song or album?
Answer: We are not answering question like this.
Question: I need help what should I do?
Answer: You can send direct message by click here.