Question: What are the official working hours?
Answer: Saturday – Thursday 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm UTC – Kuwait, Friday Official holiday.

Question: How do I find the VIP Card No.?
Answer: You can find your serial number in the VIP Card.

Question: I am sure i have typed correct Password. Still i cant login and download, why?
Answer: Are you sure you have type the Password in Capital letters?

Question: How to download albums?
Answer: You have to enter the website Password and click on the download link.

Question: Why is some new albums listed as BUY?
Answer: Because the cost price of the some albums exceeded $10.

Question: How i can get the RAR Password?
Answer: You can send request RAR Password by clicking Here.

Question: What is the maximum RAR Password requests?
Answer: By default the maximum request for RAR Password is 1 request per day and 26 request per month.

Question: How i can request more than 1 RAR Password per day?
Answer: You can upgrade for RAR Password request (5 or 10 or 15 or 20 or 25) For one day only by click Here.

Question: Can I request the RAR password for same album more than once?
Answer: No you Can’t.

Question: Some download links are not working or expired?
Answer: You can report broken links by clicking Here.

Question: Can you please upload this song or album?
Answer: We are not answering question like this.

Question: What is the difference between FLAC / ALAC / AAC / CBR / VBR?
Answer: Find answer Here.

Question: The site looks very weird for me?
Answer: The site is best viewed with FireFox.

Question: What happens if i violate the laws of Use?
Answer: Will suspend your account immediately.

Question: I need help what should I do?
Answer: You can send direct message by clicking Here.

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